The most important thing to consider when choosing a wood burning stove is how much heating is required to heat the area in which it is installed.

A rough way to do this is to measure the room; multiply the width, depth and height in metres and then divide this by 14- this will give you the average heating requirement in kilowatts and will help you to choose a model with a suitable output.


A room measuring 2.2m high by 8m wide and 5m deep would require roughly 6.3kW of heating.

(2.2 x 8 x 5) ÷ 14

Similarly the style of stove is important- with a choice of traditional styles or more contemporary designed stoves. You can choose from a versatile freestanding model or an inset stove which is designed to replace an open fire utilising an existing fireplace. There is also the option of a cassette model which can be recessed into a wall at hearth height or can be installed at an elevated height.

Don’t forget you can heat the room in which your stove is installed or go one step further with a dedicated boiler stove which will also heat your hot water. Either way, our Flexifuel stoves are a great option- giving you freedom to choose whether you burn solid fuel or logs, whilst still maintaining optimum efficiency.